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Embossed Belt
SKU: BT335
Manufacturer: Gavere Leather High Springs Florida

Add style to your wardrobe with this heavily embossed belt from Gavere Leather. This embossed leather belt comes  airbrushed dark brown edges and a blended brown center, or solid black.  The embossed pattern offers depth and interest that other belts cannot provide.

·  Repeated pattern design full length of belt

· Available in a range of belt sizes

· 100 percent top grain tooling leather

This embossed belt goes through a sixteen-step finishing process to ensure its quality and durability. It's also made in the USA and comes with a leather keeper and a standard utility buckle. However, the durable snaps make it easy to switch buckles whenever you want.

***Each belt comes with a standard utility buckle, a leather keeper and durable snaps (so you can easily switch buckles).**
***Please measure properly.  Once sized, they are not returnable. See the "How to Measure Guide" or contact us if you need additional help