Dressing Like Your Hero Doesn’t Have To Be Pretend

Kids love to play pretend. It doesn’t have to be a Halloween to put on a costume. They will don a Superman cape or princess dress and head into the world without a care. If they can imagine they’re out discovering the frontier and lassoing cattle, that’s often enough for them. A hat or a bandana can make them believe they’re bandits out to stir up trouble. Most of the time, though, when they dress up they are wearing only an imitation of the real outfit, character or theme. Rarely do they get to wear an actual artifact of their hero.

 For children who love the Wild West look, they don’t have to settle for just plastic sheriff badges and cap guns. Gavere sells real leather belts for kids, transforming your little ones into the cowgirls and cowboys they dream about with actual cowhide leather around their waists.

 Leather belts for kids are functional too, as children are constantly growing. Sometime they’re tall enough for new jeans, but not quite the right size to keep the pants up on their own. Also, children are active, running, jumping and climbing the nearest tree.  A belt can help keep clothes securely on and prevent them from tripping over pants as they tear across the playground.

 Getting leather belts for kids can also give them a way to celebrate their heroes, mom and dad. Is dad a hunter? Does mom ride horses? Kids can show their fandom with a buckle with a buck head or horse. For the son who loves rodeos, Gavere Leather has a bronco buckle for him to wear with pride. For the daughter who loves the cowgirl theme, she’ll be thrilled to show her friends her very own rosebud belt buckle. 

 The whole family can get decked out with genuine leather belts, giving a nod to the family’s passion for the outdoors. If you live on a ranch or go on ranch vacations, you’ll definitely need a belt to match your boots. Whenever you get dressed up in the leather belts for kids and adults, you can look back on your favorite memories. Show the family’s love for adventure by picking out personalized leather belts from Gravere.net.