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Personalized leather belts from Gavere Leather are a great complement to any wardrobe. The easiest way to determine a man’s belt size is to use a belt that he has already worn. Measure the length of the belt from the buckle prong to the hole the wearer is currently using. This will give you the most accurate measurement for a man’s belt size.

If you don’t have the man’s belt size, you can still get a pretty good fit from your belt by adding two inches to the waist size. For ladies’ belts, measure an existing belt as discussed above. Ladies may wear their western leather belts on their hips, at their waists, or at another point somewhere between the two. Obtain a woman’s measurement by measuring her where she plans to wear the belt.

We guarantee our belts against any kind of defect, but we do not replace belts that are incorrectly sized. Take your measurements carefully, and enjoy a long-lasting leather belt made in the USA by Gavere Leather.

BELT SIZING:   IT IS BEST TO USE AN EXISTING BELT The CORRECT size to order is the measurement  from the BUCKLE PRONG, to the belt  hole CURRENTLY being worn. (See above) That measurement is the "SIZE" to order.     We will give you a center hole at that measurement and three holes on each side of the center hole (seven holes total as pictured above).  This method is strongly encouraged to obtain the right measurement. 
***A general rule of thumb for MEN is to order their WAIST SIZE (not pant size) plus 2 inches.  Example; a size 36" WAIST would order a 38" belt.  This method is not 100%  unless the WAIST measurement (not the pant size) is accurate.   The size you order will be the measurement from the buckle prong to the center hole in the belt (we will put three holes smaller & three holes larger than size requested).
***LADIES: PLEASE DO NOT ORDER PANTS SIZE; THAT IS NOT YOUR BELT SIZE.   Below, we offer a ladies sizing guide for assistance BUT it is best to use an existing belt or tape measure.  Measure where you intend to wear the belt (waist, hips, or somewhere in between).  If possible, use an existing belt to measure from the buckle prong  to the hole you are using (see photo).  We will put your center hole at that measurement with three holes smaller and three holes larger.  
***PLEASE DO NOT MEASURE THE LENGTH FROM END TO END OR WITHOUT A BUCKLE.  You will not get the correct size.  Because sizing varies with different methods and different companies, it is strongly recommended you don't order the size taken from another belt.  
    Ladies Sizing Guide